Project description

WEAVE is a climbable pavilion exploring the role of threshold and enclosure in spaces of reflection. An installation for the annual Blazing Swan festival, it was built onsite over three days in March 2015, and remains on display at Jilakin Rock City, Kulin, WA.

The design uses vertically stacked and rotated timber studs to create a complex and beautiful geometry.  Using timber of uniform dimensions, the need for measurement and cutting onsite is minimised, allowing for quick assembly by an unskilled crew. One in a series of works exploring the spatial possibilities of this simple structural concept, WEAVE was built using three-hundred 3m lengths of locally-sourced recycled Jarrah.

A space for reflection and quiet conversation, the interior included a hearth around which participants could gather on cold evenings. WEAVE was presented as part of the Pecha Kucha design forum at the Brisbane Powerhouse in December 2015.

Blazing Swan Festival


Kulin Racetrack, WA

Artists - Amy Learmonth, Shane Sugrue

With thanks to Oly, Dan, Louis, Frankie & the Blazing Swan crew.