TEMPLe of Transformation

Project description

Drawing on the tradition of the Burning Man event in Nevada, The Temple is a space set aside for personal reflection as part of the annual Modifyre festival. Participants are typically invited to adorn it with mementos and memorials, or leaving their thoughts and messages for loved ones. This collective memorial is then burned as a ceremonial conclusion to the event, offering a cathartic release for those who have inhabited the Temple.

With Temple of Transformation, UDS artist Amy Learmonth offered a new take on this tradition, creating a piece that was both ephemeral and permanent - burning one part and returning the other into the community. The remaining part has since become a roaming art installation, appearing at community events and in public spaces around Brisbane, including Vindie Markets and Bunyapa Park.

Modifyre Festival


Yarramalong, QLD

Architectural design - Amy Learmonth

Crew - Tom 'Bundy' Hamlin, Andy Price, Shane Sugrue, Craig Brunton, Amy 'Delphi' Richardson, Kate 'Hoopla Pattison, Thom 'Magic' Fenton, Don Richardson

Thanks to: Raise the Park, Vindie Markets