Project description

Reckless Rainbow is an interactive participatory installation created for Microburn, a gathering held over two days in Snowdonia, Wales. Conceived as a journey through our emotions, the piece comprised a series of gates or 'stations', each inviting participants to partake of a different action. The actions proposed were a mixture of individual or group activities and competitive or collaborative games, designed to produce a variety of interactions amongst participants by generating roles.

The piece was built over the course of one week in Dublin, Ireland before being transported to the site in northern Wales. Attendees were invited to bring along scrap and recycled materials to add to the Rainbow, with many taking an active role in its final decoration and installation.

Reckless Rainbow launched an arts collective of the same name in Dublin, led by Irish graphic artist Artur Scheunert. The group has gone on to produce work for several festivals and events in Ireland, including Castlepalooza, KnockanStockan, and Electric Picnic.



Snowdonia, Wales

Design & Production - Reckless Rainbow Collective (Artur Scheunert, Shane Sugrue, Darragh Coyle), Tommy Twohats, Charlie McConville

With thanks to Laura Jayne, Duncan Bee, Louise Flooky & the Microburn crew