Project description

Modifyre is the regional Burning Man event for Queensland. Currently one of three such regional events held annually in Australia, it is built around a core philosophy derived from that of the Burning Man festival, which takes place each September in the desert of northern Nevada. The event is produced by BURN Arts, a volunteer-run not-for-profit organisation promoting participatory arts and culture in Brisbane and surrounding regions.  Read more about Modifyre on the website:

The UDS team has had core involvement in the production of Modifyre since its inception: Shane was a co-founder of the event in 2014, initially taking on design and construction of the effigy, and coordination of art and theme camps at the event. In his current role as Communications Officer, he has worked with a team of volunteers to develop an administrative framework for the future growth of the event. He sits on the management committee of BURN Arts, Inc. Together, Amy and Shane produced the inaugural BUG in 2015, while Amy took on the Temple of Transformation in 2016.

As a Creative Director, Marisa is currently responsible for coordinating arts and performance at the event, including the community lantern project and the Opening Ceremony performance.  In 2016 Stirling led the design and construction of the BUG, and will do so again in 2017, while Josh, Karl and Jace have each taken core roles in construction, lighting, and sound production for the event.




BURN Arts, Inc

2015 - present

Southeast QLD

Thanks to BURN Arts, Inc committee for their ongoing support