Project description

Last Drinks is the by far classiest establishment in town. With a selection of leather-bound books and the rare smell of a mahogany bar, here the disc jockeys spin only gold records. This is the the place to be at the end of a long night on the town.

Popping up unannounced in car parks and on street corners around Brisbane, Last Drinks offers a touch of unexpected class wherever it goes. At once theatre, cabaret, soda fountain, sideshow, this is a mobile venue beyond definition; it is a travelling revue that plays host to an ever-changing cast of impromptu performers. Step through her velvet curtains and you will be transported to another era; witness mind-boggling magic, discover your inner puppeteer, lead an exercise routine, or present a reading of your latest work - all whilst imbibing the purest spring water from our bar. This is participation at its finest - we simply set the stage, the rest is up to you!

Recent incarnations have included a rehydration station at Jungle Love Festival, a late night lounge at Woodford Folk Festival, and a roadside variety show in Brisbane's West End... So watch out - you never know when this classy crew might rock up and rock out!


2016 to present

The End of the Universe


Design & construction - Unqualified Design Studio

Cast (to date) - Aleea Monsour, Amanda Hug'n'kiss, Saara Roppola, Marisa Georgiou, Space Horse, Just Karl, El Patito, Der Hase, Old Semeil, Delphi, Barnsey, Reuben Whitsenhuysen (aka the puppet-master), Kitty Gatling, Rae Choi...and more.

With thanks to John Salmon and family