Project description

Burrow Studios is a residential recording studio located in the Samford Valley, owned and managed by UDS in-house sound and lighting designer and internationally awarded audio geek, Josh Wilkinson. A unique recording and writing environment, Burrow plays host to a bewildering variety of recording projects, from podcasts and movie soundtracks, to custom sound design for some of Australia's largest spectacles and events, including Brisbane Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, and Vivid Sydney.

Designed and built from scratch by Josh, with help from master builder John Salmond, Burrow is run on sustainable models, using solar for electricity, recycled building materials for construction, and, over the coming year transitioning to zero waste operation.

For more about Burrow, or to make an enquiry, check out their website: www.burrowstudios.com.au/


Wights Mountain, QLD

Design & construction:
Josh Wilkinson, John Salmond

Thanks to:
John, Anthony, Mercedes, Kirralee & Boots