Brigid's Crossing

Project description

BRIGID'S CROSSING is a climbable sculpture incorporating elements of narrative storytelling and Celtic mythology. A temporary installation for the annual Burning Man festival, in Nevada, USA, it was built at The Reno Generator and onsite at Blackrock City by an incredible crew of volunteers over four days in August 2014. A number of scaled protoypes were created at locations around Ireland in the lead up to the event.

The design uses vertically stacked and rotated timber studs to create a three-dimensional abstraction of the (St.) Brigid's Cross, a well-recognised symbol from the Celtic (and later Christian) tradition in Ireland. Using timber of uniform dimensions, the need for measurement and cutting onsite is minimised, allowing for quick assembly by an unskilled crew. One in a series of works exploring the spatial possibilities of this simple structural concept, BRIGID'S CROSSING was built using four hundred 2.5m lengths of locally-sourced (Tahoe) Douglas Fir. Festival participants were invited to climb inside and around the structure, weaving personal narrative into the piece by leaving notes and tokens for others to discover.

BRIGID'S CROSSING was presented as part of the Pecha Kucha design forum at the Brisbane Powerhouse and featured in Irish publication

Burning Man Festival


Black Rock City, Nevada

Lead artists - Amy Learmonth, Shane Sugrue

Graphic Design and Insanity Coordinator - Artur Scheunert

Crew - Bláthnaid Conroy, Emma Conway, Darragh Coyle, Keelin Coyle, Daniel de Juan, Sophia Hill, Diane Hannigan, Shane Hutchings, Conor Kilkenny, Eoin O'Connor, Bernard Suprenant, Sam Tanham, Bryce Wilson