Unqualified Design Studio is a collaborative practice working in the space between art, architecture, events and engineering. We design interactive experiences to inspire and engage our audiences. 

Everyone is invited to partake in the creation of these experiences. We transform audiences into active contributors to the creative process, generating roles and provoking actions. To achieve this, we devise activities with a low threshold to participation, blurring the distinction between artist/manufacturer and spectator/consumer. Drawing on the concept of 'serious play', our goal is to generate meaningful social interactions in the public realm through spatial interventions, physical installations, performances, spectacles, community workshops, and games. These activities are supplemented with research and writing on issues of urban planning, social and cultural sustainability, and alternative modes of economic production. 

Initiated in 2016, amidst growing disquiet at the unmediated overdevelopment of Brisbane's inner city, Unqualified aims to trigger altered relationships with our urban spaces. We emphasise process over product, and believe in the power of creativity and collaboration to foster healthy minds and healthy communities, irrespective of specific outcomes. We reject destructive attempts to depoliticise the processes that shape our built environment. We conceive of architecture and design not as finite commodifiable products, but as critical terrain for negotiating how our society structures itself through spatial organisation.

To date, we have completed small-scale built work; temporary installations; public workshops; exhibition and event co-ordination; public lectures and panel contributions aimed at promoting discourse around spatial justice and community resilience.  Unqualified projects have been produced in collaboration with the UQ School of Architecture, the West End Community Association and Brisbane City Council (Raise the Park). We were recently supported by Arts Queensland through House Conspiracy, an artist-run-intiative in South Brisbane. 

We are a partner organisation to Samford Commons, Ltd., a community-owned not-for-profit working with Moreton Bay Regional Council and Queensland state government to build a world-class centre for sustainable innovation in the Samford Valley. 


Unqualified is a collective of young architects, engineers, artists and fabricators based in Brisbane, Australia. The team has come together through involvement with a number of creative initiatives, including HSBNE IncModifyre Festival and The Wonky Queenslander.

The core group comprises Jason Beattie, Stirling Blacket, Marisa Georgiou, Amy Learmonth, Aleea Monsour, Karl Richardson, Shane Sugrue and Josh Wilkinson. However, we work in collaboration with many more individuals, groups and organisations:


Organisations and institutions:

Samford Commons
Creative Samford
House Conspiracy
Right to the City Brisbane
Raise the Park
UQ School of Architecture
The Propaganda Mill
Burrow Studios
BURN Arts, Inc
West End Community Assoc. (WECA)
Brisbane Free University
Radio Reversal (4ZZZ)
Destination NSW

Festivals and events:

Vivid Sydney, NSW (forthcoming)
Lismore Lantern Parade, NSW (forthcoming)
Woodford Folk Festival, QLD
Modifyre, QLD
Jungle Love Festival, QLD
Earth Frequency Festival, QLD
Burning Seed, NSW
Blazing Swan, WA

our skills

Architectural design
Computer aided drawing (CAD), modelling and rendering
Project management
Event production
Workshop facilitation
Community engagement, public presentation
Sound and lighting design, audio production
Graphic design, illustration
Textile & costume design
Set design
Acoustic design